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How-To: Painting with Golf Balls

Welcome to our first ever How-To Tuesday! Every other Tuesday we will be sharing a simple how-to guide so you can recreate some of our most popular studio activities at home. These workshops have simple materials that you can often find around the apartment or at your local craft store.

For our first How-To Tuesday, we will be sharing how to paint with golf balls! This project was inspired by our sports exhibition “Game On!” In this show, artist Dario Escobar used sports objects, such as soccer balls, cue sticks, and billiard triangle racks to create large-scale, abstract sculptures. Create your own abstract artwork using the form and movement of golf balls dipped in paint.

What you’ll need:

2-3 cardboard boxes or bowls
colored paints
2 – 3 golf balls or ping pong balls
plastic spoons


1. Pour each color of paint into a different bowl, and place a golf ball into each bowl with the paint.

2. Designate one box to be for your warm colors (red, orange, and yellow), one box to be for your cool colors (blue, green, and purple), and one box to be for black and white. This way, when your golf ball is rolling around and the paint begins to mix, it doesn’t all turn brown.

3. Place your piece of paper at the bottom of the box.

4. Pick up a paint-covered golf ball with a plastic spoon and place it on top of your paper.

5. Tilt the box to the left, right, front, and back, and move your golf ball across your paper. This will create an abstract, splatter-like design.

6. Once you have your desired amount of lines and designs of one color, take out that golf ball, and put it back in its bowl. Choose another golf ball and move it around the box like you did with the first. If you want to switch from a warm to a cool color, or vice versa, move your piece of paper to the correct box and place your golf ball in there.

Share your finished artwork with us on Instagram using #sharewithCMA

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