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A School Group Visit with Ciara Ruddock

The Open House school visited CMA recently to learn about our exhibition, Scale: Possibilities of Perspective. Teaching Artist Ciara Ruddock led the group through the gallery where they explored installations, sculptures, drawings, and more. Check out her recap of the visit below!

What new techniques were introduced?

Layer Drawings (creating one drawing by layering multiple drawings atop one another using tracing or translucent paper)

What mediums did the students work with?

Mixed media – tracing paper, markers, stickers, colored tape and foam shapes.

What artists or works did the students look at as examples or inspiration?

Dustin Yellin’s, ‘Building a Rocket Under a Waterfall’ 

What did the students get most excited about?

The students were most excited to discuss the narratives surrounding their completed drawings – as we continued to add additional layers of tracing paper students used their drawings to tell a range of stories – such as a busy girl interested in saturn and a tree rapidly growing in a forest.

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