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Pictured Above: Students from the Khoj Museum in India show off their postcards for January’s Postcard Party.

CMA’s 30th birthday truly was a global affair! To ensure that CMA’s CIVICKIDS campaign reached the widest possible audience, we joined forces with over 50 partners worldwide to facilitate monthly art projects and learn how children express their thoughts on civic engagement. Read below to see how our partners from all over the world activated our CIVICKIDS projects!

September — Civic Engagement — Say It Loud! Megaphones

Young artists at the Mishkan Museum of Art in Ein Harod, Israel created megaphones in conjunction with the Jewish High Holidays and inspired by the museum’s collection of traditional “Shofarot,” or ritual horns blown for the Rosh Hashanah holiday prayer service. Children collaged and painted their own colorful megaphone-shofars, as a reflection of their wishes for themselves and their communities for the coming year. Read Mishkan Museum’s CIVICKIDS reflection here

October — Environmentalism — Unusual Upcycled Planters

Unusual Upcycled Planters were a hit with budding botanists who enjoyed getting their hands dirty! At the Queens Library for Teens in Far Rockaway, students took a quick break from their homework to paint and decorate planters to bring home to their friends and family. Click here for more photos from the workshop. 

November — Equity — The Drawing Game

CMA teamed up with ICA Miami to play the Drawing Game! To begin, CMA museum-goers drew the “head” and “body.” Next, we mailed the partially completed drawings to Florida, where kids at ICA Miami completed the “legs.” View the finished artworks here

December — Histories and Traditions — Cardboard Story Wheels

The Cardboard Story Wheels challenge allowed us to imagine what stories can look like in different languages! Check out Story Wheels created by the Mishkan Museum of Art in Israel and Stora Ateljén in Sweden. 

January — Leadership — Postcard Party

CMA facilitated a postcard exchange with students from St. Luke’s School in Greenwich Village and students from the Knoxville Museum of Art’s Community Schools program. Students shared what they love about their communities in NYC and Knoxville with each other. View the postcards here

February — Kindness — Paper Chain of Kindness

Paper Chain of Kindness is an easy and fun way for a large group of people to collectively imagine a kinder world. Give someone a compliment, help a stranger with directions, assist your sibling with their homework… the possibilities are endless! ICA Miami completed this project at their annual Family Day. View more photos from the celebration here

March — Identity — Collage Who You Are

CMA took our CIVICKIDS projects into the community by hosting workshops in public libraries throughout all five New York City boroughs. “I use the pom poms to show my soft side,” remarked one young artist at Brooklyn Public Library in Sunset Park.

April — Sustainability — Plastic Bottle Challenge

The Plastic Bottle Challenge at Queens Library in Forest Hills had a springtime theme as students created butterflies and other creatures for the Plastic Bottle Challenge. “I love my submarine!” exclaimed one young artist. 

May — Celebration — DIY Noisemakers

CMA Teaching Artists took a creative spin on DIY Noisemakers by using an empty tissue box, brass fasteners, and rubber bands to create a handmade “guitar”! 

June — Reflection — Upcycled Viewfinders

At Brooklyn Public Library in Sunset Park, young artists used colorful paper to create Upcycled Viewfinders. “I’m making my own movie theater” exclaimed 8-year-old James.

July — Compassion — Protector Shields

Saving the animals and protecting the earth were popular themes during our Protector Shields Outpost at Queens Library in North Forest Park. The students had so much fun that they wanted us to come back every Saturday! 

August — Empowerment — Face the Future

Stora Ateljén in Nacka, Sweden hosted an entire exhibition dedicated to the CIVICKIDS projects that students created throughout the year, including Face the Future wearable headpieces. View photos from the exhibition here.

See more partner highlights on our Flickr page! 

This program is supported, in part, by the Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation, the New York State Council on the Arts with support of Governor Andrew Cuomo, and public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. CIVICKIDS is sponsored by Google.


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