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“We see it as our privilege to give the children the tools for the creation of art for future use” — Catching Up With CIVICKIDS Partner Condorens Preschool

In this special guest blog post, our CIVICKIDS partner Condorens Preschool in Nacka, Sweden reflects on how a special gift from a public art organization inspired them to think about the relationship between folklore, storytelling, urban art, and digital art.

This fall, we received a beautiful book as a gift from Artscape, a non-profit organization that seeks to inspire people and promote public art for everyone. The book featured the international urban art project Artscape Saga and was filled with thrilling folktales and stunning murals created by different artists from all over the world, highlighting the need to tell stories that is shared by all cultures.

With the help of the book, we connected our nearby community with the rest of the world by traveling in our minds to places such as Kenya, Poland, Russia, Brazil, and many others. Inspired by the artworks and folktales, the children ages four and five painted one aquarelle each that was digitally transformed into a mural on a nearby wall. The makeover of the space — a wall facing the preschool playground — reminded the children of when they watched the artist BKFoxx create a mural during Wall Street Nacka, connecting previous experiences with new knowledge about art, artists, and other cultures. Furthermore, it let them experience the impact that art has on its surroundings and the ability of art to transform the characteristic and feeling of a public space – this time made possible by their own stunning expressions!

Working with the book also linked different forms of expression together, emphasizing the close relationship between art forms such as folklore, storytelling, painting, urban art, and digital art. To recognize and to embrace the need of mankind to express creativity is an essential part of being human. Highlighting that relationship is important to us, given that the positive impact of art-making on health is one of our key understandings. We see it as our privilege as a pre-school to give the children the tools for the creation of art for future use.

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