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Summer Art Camps August 23-27: Landscape Dioramas, Public Art, Princess Films, Storyboards and Splash Pages, and Clay Friends

From creating an adventure film starring a missing princess in Epic Adventures to painting our own interpretations of landscapes in Landscape Painting, we had tons of fun during our last week of Summer Art Camps!

Graphic Novel

We kicked off the week designing our characters and drawing the cover art for our graphic novels. Students loved learned about the art of Jack Kirby! Next, we created panels and storylines for our first page. Finally, we learned about non-sequential storytelling as we created our splash pages. For fun, we created alien illustrations, which turned out amazing! View more photos

Claymation Masters

Young artists had the singular opportunity to design characters, mold them out of clay, then create a stop-motion animation starring their unique characters! Along the way, students experimented with materials such as plasticine, polymer clay, air dry clay, cloth, fabric, wire, and found materials while exploring techniques including bendable armature, additive and subtractive sculpting, assemblage, and set construction.

Epic Adventures

In this hero’s journey, young artists took part in their own adventure by creating sets and scenes for their characters, designing costumes and masks, and filming an epic adventure! Along the way, students experimented with materials such as plywood, cardboard, fabric, velour, silks, pleather, socks, tempera paint, paper mache while exploring techniques including filming, editing, set design, sequential storytelling, and acting.

Landscape Painting

Young artists expanded their view through lessons in impressionism, pointillism, futurism, and current interpretations of landscape paintings. Students also experimented with both traditional and unconventional painting materials including acrylic, watercolor, pastels, forks, spoons, and string while exploring techniques including composition, brush techniques, and color mixing. View more photos

Summer Show Studio at The High Line

Students explored and created artworks inspired by The Musical Brain, on view at The High Line in Chelsea. View more photos

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