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Summer Art Camps July 19-23: Cardboard Creature Sculptures and Robin Drawings

From printmaking and cardboard creature sculptures at the museum to robin drawings and animal charades in Prospect Park, we had tons of fun in this week’s Summer Art Camps! Want to join the fun? There’s still time to register for camp. Click here to check out the summer lineup and sign up

Art Explorers

This week was all about the beautiful birds that call Prospect Park home. We kicked off the week with a super fun game of animal charades. We continued the fun later in the day when we ventured outdoors and students played a game where they pretended to be statues. We also studied reference images of robins and began creating our very own robin drawings. The following day, we added color to our robin drawings and created overlapping pictures using foam stickers. Students had so much fun acting out two stories — so much so that they created their very own foam and paper costumes! View more photos

Drawing and Painting: Creature Creation

We started the week with one of our favorite activities, the Drawing Olympics, then learned how to create bubble paintings in the park. Back at the museum, we learned about the art of printmaking and created prints of our favorite creatures. Students loved experimenting with color in the prints, and a few students even wanted to make additional plates! One student loved printmaking so much he asked what materials he needed to create prints at home. The next day, we studied the work of Alexander Calder and began our creature sculpture project using cardboard and slots. Students were really excited to experiment with colors to camouflage their creatures or indicate that they were poisonous. Finally, we created a fantastical world for our creatures to live within. View more photos

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