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Summer Art Camps July 26-30: Crayon Resist Paintings and Monument Films

From claymation-inspired monument films at the museum to crayon resist paintings in Prospect Park, we had tons of fun in this week’s Summer Art Camps! Want to join the fun? There’s still time to register for camp. Click here to check out the summer lineup and sign up

Art Explorers

This week is all about the gorgeous flora and fauna of Prospect Park! We started the week by creating collages of things we might be able to find in the park. We set out to explore our natural surroundings, and some students made a “museum” display of bottle caps and plants that they found at the base of a tree! Back inside, students added foam stickers and dot markers to their collages.

The following day, we learned about mixed media artworks and experimented with cray pas, crayons, and watercolors to create crayon resist paintings. We have also been reading some excellent books, including a special story about lines, which inspired us to spot all of the lines we could find outside in the park. We also checked on a seed we planted to see if it had grown — and gave it some water, of course! View more photos

Claymation Masters

We are working towards a collaborative short film about a monument’s big reveal in a town square. Each day, students are filming part of the fanfare leading up to its big reveal. As a group, we kicked off the week by deciding what our monument should represent — perhaps a food, animal, person or flower that we all love? We also studied different kinds of claymation, such as The Boxtrolls, Penny from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, and Wallace and Gromit.

The following day, we decided on the characters and creature who live in our town. We looked at different kinds of clay characters, including popular examples of animation and character design, like animator Allison Schulnik and The Muppets. We also started on the “talent show” portion of our film, where we made our characters move in creative and exciting ways, inspired by Alexander Calder’s kinetic sculpture circus. View more photos

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