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Summer Art Colony 2016: July 25 – 29

103 Charlton

The Wearable Sculpture class had an inventive week learning to develop multiple designs and transform 2D sketches into 3D sculptures. Young Artists looked to the works of Alexander McQueen, Nick Cave and West African Masquerade Wear to find inspiration for their own costume ideas. On an exciting visit to the Brooklyn Museum, they toured “Disguise: Masks and Global African Art.” Over the week, they worked on two complex projects: a detailed mask with a decorated textile headcovering, and a large, full body 3D wearable sculpture. The students were excited to present their wearable works of art to friends and family at the Final Friday show.

Visiting Disguise at the Brooklyn Museum
Wearable Sculpture parade!
Showing off our creations
Drawing from life at the Brooklyn Museum

The Food Films class animated the world of culinary arts by turning their favorite foods into short films. The young artists explored multiplane animation, stop-motion, sound design and character development to create films about monsters and their ferocious appetites! The class looked to PEZ animation and the Wallace & Gromit films for inspiration and created a collaborative film about a cereal devouring monster!

The Art of Teaching Art

This week’s The Art of Teaching Art class learned the principles and techniques of teaching art and how to develop, create and teach their own art workshops. Young Artists experimented with clay, wire, yarn, collage, cardboard and painting to find the right medium for developing their own unique workshop. One of the exciting workshops of the week was a Henri Matisse-inspired flower pot sculpture created with paper cut outs. The students were inspired by many contemporary masters including Frida Kahlo, Yayoi Kusama, Robert Indiana, Alexander Calder, Jean Shin, and Kara Walker. After testing out their workshops on Thursday during public hours, the budding art teachers presented them to friends and family at Final Friday!

Practicing the workshop
Making example pieces
Matisse with young artists
Leading a gallery workshop

Governors Island

Build It! students got to experiment with architecture and 3D construction this week to build artistic constructions. Campers learned to navigate the tools of the trade, using rulers, compasses and protractors. To build their designs, they incorporated woodworking techniques and learned how to safely use a saw and drill. Throughout the week, the class experimented with a variety of materials such as cardboard, paper, paint, wood, glue and plaster. For inspiration, they looked at classroom examples while the Teaching Artist led an in-class demonstration on how to design and build model buildings.looked at books made by previous CMA young artists.

Learning how to safely use a drill
Measuring out a piece of wood
Experimenting with woodworking
Designing our structures

The Animated Film class explored the world of filmmaking, making collaborative stop-motion and pixilation videos. Working in groups, the students developed characters, plots, and scripts to create animated stories. The class watched films such as “Luminaris” by Juan Pablo Zaramella and “Dahlia” by Michael Langan for inspiration. They also worked together to construct sets and props to include in their final films!

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