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Summer Art Colony 2017: July 31 – August 4

103 Charlton

Textiles campers learned new techniques like weaving, wrapping/knot tying, folding, tucking and bundling fabric and stamp making for surface design. They were inspired by the works of Robb Putman to recreate his animal soft sculptures, Sheila Hicks for her mastery of weaving, M.C. Escher for repeat patterns, and Sonia Delancey for surface textiles. As students progressed through weaving on handlooms all the way to soft sculpture, they learned about wrap, weft, and running stitches. The students were most excited about seeing their soft sculpture animals come to life as they learned how to bind and bundle fabric. Students worked individually with group support, and help was encouraged among the class. Their final projects explored a range of textile techniques and materials which they presented to friends and family at the Final Friday show.

Photography students started the week learning new perspectives like birds eye view and worms eye view, composition, F-Stop and shutter speed. They used Canon DSLR digital cameras, sun-print materials, as well as ink and paper to take notes. They were inspired by different genres such as documentary, fashion, portraits, and film photography. Some of the artists they researched were Diane Arbus, Edward Weston, Eliner Carucci, Richard Avedon, and Dorothea Lange. Students got most excited about their sun prints and incorporating household objects into their art. They worked both individually and paired up to shoot portraits. The final outcome of the week was a portfolio of work exhibited at the Final Friday show.

103 Charlton Teens

Painting 101 students spent the week learning to build texture, dry brushing techniques, and glazing. They worked mostly with acrylic paint on canvas, watercolor and ink on paper. They drew inspiration from artists like Chuck Close, Mary Heilman, and Fred Thomaselli. Students went from painting simple 3D shapes to painting from life, to abstraction. Students were most excited about being given the freedom to explore, while working individually on their paintings. The class was supportive of each other during critiques, which were based off art school crits. Their final paintings were exhibited to friends and family at the Final Friday show.

Governors Island

Architecture campers engaged a variety of processes which led to a deeper understanding of how people alter space and experience. Using chipboard, origami paper, clay, paint, collage, and colored pencils, young architects made several blueprints, a paper architectural model, and a final finished model from chipboard and other sculptural materials. Architecture students were challenged to think about the different roles of public and private space, prepping them for bigger questions about society. We can’t wait to see the world they build in the future!

Tales of the Supernatural campers got in touch with the strange, unknown, and magical this week. Working in groups toward a short narrative film, young artists learned drawing animation, replacement animation, storyboarding, scriptwriting, and voice acting. Using tools like oil pastels, paper collage, iStopmotion, iPads, and Garageband, Tales of the Supernatural made their tales of mummies, superheroes, magical storybooks, and animal-robot hybrids come to life!

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