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Summer Art Colony 2017: July 5 – 7

103 Charlton

This week, Wearable Kinetic Sculpture students learned how to craft sculptures with p​​​​​​​​apier-mâché, sewing by hand and machine, and add movable parts with simple circuitry. Using mediums like cardboard, paint, tape, hot glue, fabric and wire, students focused on making a wearable sculpture for themselves. They looked at different types of sculpture and were inspired by artists such as Theo Janson, Joshua Allen Harris, Nick Cave, and Alexander Calder. They worked both individually and together, designing a wearable sculpture and video performance which you can view below.

The Art of Egypt students learned new techniques like rolling clay slabs, watercolor washes, and drawing with pen and ink. The class had a blast at the Brooklyn Museum where they viewed artworks in the Ancient Egyptian Exhibit and got inspiration for their work in the classroom. After observing artwork and analyzing the history and content of ancient Egypt, students used watercolor, ink, and acrylic paint to sketch ideas. Students got most excited about using clay to make their sarcophagi and learning how to interpret hieroglyphics. They worked individually and in small groups on two main projects, an egyptian cartouche and a sarcophagus.

Governors Island

Toy Design students on Governor’s Island put their problem-solving skills to the test, learning to turn their own unique ideas into playful products. Through observational skills, brainstorming, and trial-and-error experiments, young artists transformed cardboard, straws, metal washers, wooden wheels, popsicle sticks, hot glue, and other found objects into magnificent toys. Building a larger portfolio of work, students were challenged to make their very own fidget spinners, robot arms, marionettes, action figures, and even something that flies! Through a mix of free form exploration and structured class time, students learned valuable skills for seeing their visions come to life.

Students in Animated Film took a deep dive into learning the art of animation. After a week of pre-production where they learned about storyboarding, shot type, dialogue, scriptwriting, set-making, and character design, they jumped right into voice acting, pixilation, claymation, and animation with paint and paper cut-outs. All of this culminated in an exciting collaborative short film featuring a chicken farm that becomes liberated from mass production! We are truly impressed by the multi-faceted process and unique ideas generated by these young animators. 

The video will be ready shortly, check back soon!

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