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Summer Art Colony 2017: June 19 – 23

103 Charlton

The Creature Creations class explored sculpture using traditional materials before moving on to clay, papier-maché making, recycled materials, watercolor, and acrylic paint. They used different thinking processes to combine and sketch real animals with mythological creatures inspired by works of artists such as Pablo Picasso, Deborah Butterfield, and Carsten Holler. The class took a trip to Gagosian Gallery to interact and reflect on the work of Carsten Holler, where students were able to see art in a professional setting as well as play and interact with the sculptures on display. The students brainstormed ideas as a group and worked individually to create mythological animal masks, clay creatures, and watercolor scenes, which they were excited to share with their friends and family at the Final Friday show.

Intro to Stop Motion Animation students began the week looking at animated movies by Hayao Miyazaki as well the movies PES and Shugo. They were then introduced to new techniques like prop making, voice recording, script writing and animating their creations. As the week progressed students honed their skills in character creation, set building, and voicing the scripts for their several short animated films which you can view here!

Teen Art Colony

The teens in Stop Motion Animation learned the basic techniques of stop motion animation, audio recording, prop making and cinematography. For inspiration, they watched animated works by artists like Sean Pecknold and Gemma Green Hope. As the class progressed, students had the opportunity to work together and individually on short animation works and two short narratives that they screened for friends and family at the Final Friday premiere.

Governors Island

Build It! students put on their engineering hats to create their own installations this week. In a safe and secure environment, they learned how to properly use a variety of tools, many of which might otherwise be considered “scary” or “dangerous”: x-acto blades, clamps, saws, hammers, drills, to name just a few. Campers went on field trips throughout the island in between creating a series of projects during the week. They learned how to create 2D and 3D sketches and how to put together a proposal for an installation. For inspiration, students looked at the large-scale sculptures of Claes Oldenburg, Buckminster Fuller, and Maya Lin.

The Claymation class started the week by watching claymation films by masters such as Tim Burton and PEZ. They then learned about several filming techniques they would later use to produce their own animated short film. Beginning with storyboards, students designed characters and sets primarily using clay, cardboard, paint, and wire. Whether learning as beginners or refining their skills as seasoned young animators, students combined sculptural and film process capturing it all with iStopmotion. Requiring patience, stamina, and dedication to their own unique visions, Claymation challenged students to bring their ideas to life, turning them into dazzling narrative films you can watch here!

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