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Summer Art Colony 2018: August 6 – August 10

103 Charlton

Silkscreen and Poster Design For teens it’s all about creating self expression art! During the week students explored various methods for printmaking such as Mono-print on plexiglass, relief printing using linoleum and block printing, stamping with styrofoam and non exposure stencil silkscreen printing. They looked at artist such as Shepard Fairey, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh and Banksy to learn about some socially conscious motives behind art. Discussing symbols and how artists may use them to reflect moods or feelings and discuss the artists’ work. At the end of the week, each camper had an individual portfolio of typography and personally connective imagery prints about social or personal issues to show to the family and friends! 



The Art of Minecraft Campers explored the techniques that go into game creation. Students used their Minecraft knowledge Minecraft to create it in real life. Students experimented drawing, sculpting and animating players, backgrounds and props similar to the game. Final Friday had consist of short film animations of their characters and building construction demos! 

Tiny Worlds: Art in Miniature Campers learned how to sketch design plans, bind those sketches into a book, scale objects to make them smaller or larger, and create sculptures out of found materials such as plastic bottles, cardboard and air-dry clay. They gathered some perspective and inspiration from artists such as fine arts photographer Christopher Boffoli, most known for his “Big Appetites” series of food in miniature, and Sally Curcio’s bubble cities, which we have in CMA’s very own art gallery! Every child had the opportunity to create their own miniature world for a beloved doll or toy; taking their 2D imagination and creating 3D products to take home. On Final Friday campers encompassed everything they have learned and worked on during the week including their portfolio, gallery of paintings and sketches and of course their tiny worlds!




Governor’s Island 

Landscape Painting Students started off by making sketchbooks, and then launched into observational sketches from nature that they used to inspire their first paintings.  They walked around the island hunting for motifs, learned about color theory, and used landscape paintings from different seasons to inspire their own imaginary landscape! Students also learned about Vincent Van Gogh and his night paintings, and used these as inspiration for their own paintings, focusing on using different brush strokes.  Landscape painters also constructed their own frames for their paintings, using natural materials from the landscape of Governors Island such as tree bark! On their final show, students set upped a gallery presentation of all the paintings they worked on throughout the week.

Lights, Camera, Action! Students worked together to create an original script about the founding mothers of America opening a ninja training facility on Governors Island!  Students learned how to collaborate on a plot, storyboard their ideas, and build costumes for their movie. Techniques learned included stop motion, pixilation, and live action filmmaking.  Throughout the week, students had the chance to explore different parts of the island as they scouted locations for shooting, including the fort, hammock area, Nolan Park, and the Governors Island maze.  On their Final Friday, students presented their final movie at a screening for friends and family!

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