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Summer Art Colony 2018: July 2-3, 5-6

103 Charlton

Museum Buff campers dove into NYC’s expansive art scene, with a visit to Gagosian Gallery, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Brooklyn Museum. They are brought their inspiration back to the studio to create their own museum masterpieces that they shared with friends and family at Final Friday.

Hand Drawn Animation campers explored animation techniques to bring their hand-drawn characters to life, frame by frame! They watched films by Hayao Miyazaki for inspiration. Their final animations were showcased to friends and family at the Final Friday exhibition.

103 Charlton Teens

Editing and Post Production campers created an exciting film featuring some hilarious characters. They learned how to edit and manipulate the footage along with create sound design and narration to pair with the action. The final film was displayed to friends and family at the Final Friday show.

Governors Island

Fiber Arts campers learned how to create their own handmade textiles. They dyed their own fabrics using natural pigments from spices, fruit, and veggie scraps. Friends and family got to see their creations at the end of the week at the Final Friday exhibition.

Governor’s Island 

Graphic Novel campers learned how to craft a narrative through sequential art. They dove into character design, cover art and storyboarding, creating their own graphic stories. They shared their finished comic books with friends and family at the Final Friday show. 


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