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Summer Art Colony 2018: July 23-27

103 Charlton

Beyond the Portfolio teen campers created a mix media portfolio using mediums like wire, eva foam, and more! They used stop motion animation to create films like animated 3D shoes, learned how to cut and score their own films, and translated drawing into sculpture. Projects were inspired by Justin Cloude’s sculptural shoes and Wangechi Mutu’s photo and watercolor collages. The campers had an amazing time creating their portfolio to show their friends and family! 


Build It! This very hands-on class had campers transform 2D ideas into realized 3D masterpieces! Students used various tools such as cardboard and wire mesh, learned how to mold make and plaster casting, with 3D painting for the final touches. Looking at architect Vladimir Tatlin, sculptures by Barbara Hepworth and Constantin Brancusi, campers learned the fundamentals and gain inspiration to individually construct and sculpt their own built art! 

Graphic Novel campers got inspired by illustration artists such as Bill Waterson of Calvin and Hobbes and Jeff Smith’s Bone Comics to create their own Graphic Novel! During the week, students worked with artistic mediums such as pen & ink and watercolor to detail their storyboards, character designs, and more. The final portfolio included individual short stories as well as process sketches of the brainstorming and sequential steps that went into their comics! 


Governors Island

Art Adventurers Students focused on the natural world and learned different techniques to incorporate concepts from nature into their art. Kids constructed sketchbooks that they later used for observational drawings and rubbings. The class also made clay animals based off of the work of the Audubon Society, as well as clay plaques featuring nature pressings.  Notable excursions included birdwatching and a trip outside to fly the kites they made! On their final show, students displayed the work they had produced throughout the week and each kid had the option to talk about what they chose to make and why.


Music Video The Music Videos class collaborated with local band Adult Mom to create a video for their song “Tenderness.”  Students listened to the song with their eyes closed, and later shared the visual associations they came up with.  As a class, they combined their ideas to create a music video about a monster who hears music playing on Governors Island and sets out on search for where it’s coming from. Along the way, students learned how to use stop motion, claymation, rotoscoping, hand drawn animation, and live action to explore and express their ideas. On Final Friday the children were absolutely excited for families to view their original music video that worked creatively hard on. 


Printmaking Students used different approaches to the art form, including stamping, relief printing, stencil, and painted prints.  Materials used ranged from paint to charcoal to graphite, as well as natural materials such as leaves to use for nature rubbings.  Throughout the week, students drew from various artists for inspiration, including Mahid Hagigat and Shepard Fairey. At their final show, students turned their studio into a gallery space, displaying works including a portrait poster of every member of the class!


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