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Summer Art Colony 2018: July 30 – August 3

103 Charlton

Set Design teen campers learned to translate 2D drawings into 3D designs by cutting and scoring 3D shapes from cardboard and wire to create their own backdrops, figures and puppets. They then animated their characters using stop motion techniques. Looking at director George Melies’ ‘A Trip to the Moon’ and Claudia Bitran’s set designs for inspiration, students created their own amazing sets for filming. Their films displayed in the Media Lab were absolutely amazing and funny for family and friends to enjoy! 


Animation and Film Scoring students first learned the basics of stop motion by animating their names for the credits of the movie they are working on.  They then collaborated on an original claymation film and learned how to shoot for their movie using DSLR cameras. For the film scoring element of the class, students are working on “spotting,” or taking notes on the animation to decide what sounds, voices, and music to add, and learned about sound recording and syncing up audio with the visuals of their film. Students have drawn from the work of notable film composers such as John Williams and Hans Zimmer to create their very own score using GarageBand. Friends and family joined us on Final Friday for the screening and they loved it! 

Paint my Pictures Campers learned painting techniques such as color mixing and layering using watercolor and tempera paints. They took their works to the next level by adding upcycled materials to create 3D mixed media works of art! Campers looked at work by artists such as Yayoi Kusama and Shahzia Sikander for inspiration, then applied those concepts to their own works. Campers were also encouraged to free draw and sketch with pastel during their free time! 



Governors Island

Art Adventurers Students started off by creating their own sketchbooks and built treasure boxes out of recycled egg cartons to use for collecting treasures from the natural world! Works by Joseph Cornell and Betye Saar were an inspiration as young artists explored the concept of assemblage and used found objects and recyclables to create art objects such as straw beads, cyanotypes, and sculptural pieces.  Notable field trips included walks to the hammock grove, lavender garden, and installations by Jacob Hashimoto in the nearby chapel and in Liggett Arch. Students’ sketches from throughout the week were displayed along with their found object art in their very own gallery show!

Claymation Campers were introduced this week to sculpting materials including wire armature, paper, fabric and of course clay! Campers got into groups and created storyboards, backgrounds and characters for their films. Using stop-motion software campers used  ‘movie magic’ techniques learned from Pingu and Aardman Animations such as growing, shrinking, disappearing and color change to create and present their own short films!


Rebuilding Nature Students focused on the concept of eco-awareness.  Using natural waste as material for art making, young artists gained knowledge in the fundamentals of construction using saws, hammers, and screwdrivers to construct their own pieces.  Throughout the course, students learned about notable natural and land artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, Nancy Holt, Michael Heizer, and Walter De Maria. They also saw art here on the island, including Jacob Hashimoto’s installations in the chapel and Liggett Arch, as well as taking a tour at the nearby Audubon society! Both two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks created and curated by students were displayed with greatness!

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