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Summer Art Colony 2018: July 9-13

103 Charlton

Fairy Tale Animation Campers explored character design and planned out their own fairy tale! They watched films by Hayao Miyazaki, Taika Waititi, and Henry Selick  to inspire them to create their very own short film. They incorporated handmade props, clay and water color to create a whimsical fairytale! 


103 Charlton 

Printmaking Campers learned intricate design techniques such as Mono-printing, ghost, and block printing and even got to try out a printing press! After visiting the International Print Center, students developed their own tools using scratch foam and cardboard with tempera paint! 

Teen Street Photography campers became amateur photographers using analog and digital photography! While taking snapshots of their outdoor and human subjects they’ve utilize their knowledge of aperture, shutter speed, focus and double exposures to produce the perfect picture. Instax, polaroid, DLSR, and more demonstrate how there are no photo mediums that these new professionals can’t use. Students looked at artists such as Carhier-Bresson and Agnes Varda to travel through The Highline and Chinatown for inspiration to brainstorm and create their own portfolio and galleries! 

Governors Island

Art Adventurers students thought about storytelling that they could show relating to the experience of being on Governors Island.  Using recycled materials like cardboard, as well as oil resist and paint, everybody chose a character to play and created a wearable piece of art for our film.  After students acted out their characters for the film, they learned about how to use voice-over to create a narrative. Some notable field trips included the Lavender Garden, as well as Jacob Hashimoto’s island exhibit: The Eclipse. On Final Friday, we had a screening of the movie we made as well as showcase our costumes and our very own island maps!



Stories on Film  Young filmmakers learned techniques in both stop motion animation and live action filming.  After drawing inspiration from music videos, Charlie Chaplin films, and the work of Shugo Tokumaro, students worked together to brainstorm narratives that they created, filmed and acted out, with much help from props, costuming, and makeup!  On Final Friday, students had put on a screening of two group-made films for friends and families to enjoy!


Ceramics Every day, young artists sketched out their ideas before executing them in clay.  From honed their pottery skills, pinching pots to coiling to self-portraiture. The class looked at the abstract geometric work of Peter Voulkos, the coil pottery of Maria Martinez, and also took much inspiration from 17th century Chinese and Japanese tea bowls. On their Final Friday show, Ceramics students displayed their painted pottery and sculptures for all to see! 

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