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Summer Art Colony 2018: June 18 – 22

103 Charlton

Soft Sculpture students created their own textile masterpieces, learning sewing techniques including the running stitch, whip stitch, knotting, embroidery and more. Campers created their own patterns and prints that were transformed into personalized soft sculptures. The children also enjoyed some free time in the Build It! Studio where they experimented with soft building shapes and engaged their cognitive creativity!

Video Game Design campers learned how to code 3D renditions to produce their own games! Over the week, they created everything from background colors and characters to sound and storyline. At the end of the week, they shared their new exciting games with friends and family at the Final Friday show!

103 Charlton Teens

Analog Filmmaking campers scripted, acted out, filmed and edited their own short film. The teens learned about film and camera types and built their own camera. They studied clips of other filmmakers including Charlie Chaplin to learn angles, lighting and timing techniques, and tried their hand in set design as well.

Governors Island

Animal Animation campers learned how to create stop motion animations and use wire armature to create 3-dimensional bendable sculptures that can be gradually manipulated frame by frame to produce a moving image.  Claymations such as Creature Comforts by Aardman Animations, as well as Pingu and a stop motion-animated music video by Fleet Foxes, were an inspiration to the kids as they worked. Students were most excited about working with iStopmotion and watching their animations, including one in which they each animated their own name, come to life in real time.

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