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Summer Art Colony 2018: June 25 – 29

103 Charlton

Drawsome campers were introduced to drawing techniques such as additive and subtractive methods and learned about the drawing processes of artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci. They also looked at Jim Dine’s tool drawings, Peggy Preheim’s nature collages and each others works! On their visit to the Drawing Center, students together studied the technique of Terry Winters drawings  including Charcoal use, drawing by erasing and using ink to create abstract marks! 

Stop Motion Campers learned about various kinds of animation techniques such as pixilation, claymation and paper animation using computers, watercolor, paper cut outs and more! Children worked in groups to brainstorm on how to best use their new skills to create animation effects such as growing, shrinking and of course movement. Drawing inspiration from clips such as Spirited Away and Mykonos Music Video helped students with the tools they needed to piece together an exciting film!


103 Charlton Teens

Special Effects campers were introduced to green screen, split screen, keyframe animation, and more! Not only did students learn how to create special effects, they got to put them into practice too. With inspirations including Ray Harryhausen and Michael Laugan, students were able to work in groups to take their ideas from storyboard to screen, creating their own costumes, scenes, and edits for the final product. 

Governors Island

Build it students drew inspiration from the environmental sculptures of Andy Goldsworthy and Pedro Linares’ papier-mache works and learned techniques to collage and mixed media sculpture.  Excursions included a trip to the nearby Lavender Field for oyster shell collecting, as well as a sketching session under the beautiful installation in the chapel next door. For Final Friday, students worked on a collaborative group installation inspired by Governors Island that totally transformed our fine arts studio into an awesome gallery!     

Governor’s Island 

Stop Motion young artists learned 2D and 3D animation techniques, as well as rotoscoping and pixilation.  Huge Inspirations to the group include music videos from OK Go! and Tame Impala featuring stop motion, as well as the claymation works of Aardman animations.  Students used wire armature to create 3D characters out of clay that can be gradually moved to create a smooth stop motion animation. For Final Friday, students are designed and animated characters a group project: a superhero movie about fruits!


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