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Summer Art Colony Update: August 26-30, 2019

Tiny Islands @ Governors Island

Students in Tiny Islands have been using many different materials and techniques to create their own miniature worlds! Students have gone on scavenger hunts around the Island and made temporary sculptures outside using found natural materials. In the classroom, they have built tiny worlds out of paper and natural materials, sculpted tiny clay islands, and invented some paper maché creatures!

Documentary Filmmaking @ Governors Island

Filmmakers this week are partnering with the Climate Museum, an organization just a few houses down from us in Nolan Park! The students’ original documentary will explore solutions for climate change. They have been learning about the different techniques of documentary filmmaking, discussing how they want to frame the issue, and storyboarding the film. On Monday, they visited the Climate Museum and planned out the film. In the days following, they have been creating stop-motion sequences and collecting live footage of Governors Island, and will begin to film interviews shortly. We can’t wait to feel inspired by their final result!

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