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Summer Art Colony Update: August 5-9, 2019

Landscape Painting @ Governors Island

The students in this week’s class have been creating landscape paintings from observation and from their imagination. Whether working en plein air or in the classroom, they have been learning how to use watercolors, acrylic and tempera paint, sumi ink, and mono-printing techniques. We can’t wait for their final exhibit to transport us to places near and far!

Art Adventurers @ Governors Island

Art Adventurers have been visiting art installations around the island and creating artworks with found natural materials. They have created site-specific sculptures outside, and have been adding beautiful decorations to their classroom!

Lights Camera Action @ Governors Island

Filmmakers have been learning about scenes, shots, and other principles of filmmaking. After developing the story for their final film, the group went into pre-production: creating characters, storyboarding, building a wide range of props and costumes, and writing a script. Currently, they have transitioned into production, getting the chance to act in their film and also try out different behind-the-camera roles.

Animation and Set Design @ CMA

This week, young artists were introduced to set construction and stop-motion animation They began the week brainstorming their sets and stories. Next, working in groups of three, they built and constructed their sets using paint, cardboard, and paper, and sculpted their characters using clay. Later in the week, they recorded dialogue to use as voice-overs in their animations. Finally, they began to animate their characters inside their sets!

Screenprinting and Poster Design @ CMA

This week, campers experimented with several approaches to creating graphic prints. They began the week screenprinting using acetate sheets to create stencils. Next, they visited Poster House in Chelsea and designed their own movie posters, which they printed in 2-3 layers of color. Later in the week, teens used block printing to design logos. Finally, they built objects out of cardboard and printed designs on their sculptures!

Tiny Worlds: Art In Miniature @ CMA

This week, young artists explored a range of approaches to constructing miniature worlds! They began the week working in groups to construct buildings and miniature towns out of cardboard, paint, paper and clay. They worked with papier-mâché to build colorful islands, and also sculpted scenery out of clay. Campers used their sculptures as subjects for drawings and paintings.

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