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Summer Art Colony Update: July 15-19, 2019

Fashion Design @ CMA

Young designers have been busy this week conceiving and creating two original looks! They have crafted accessories, learned how to measure and cut fabric, modeled their own clothing, and visited Fashion Institute of Technology’s museum to sketch different garments and learn about fashion trends throughout history. Their first design challenge was to transform a plain white t-shirt into a look of choice. They designed their outfits, practiced measurements on paper and mannequins, and learned how to sew. Next, they explored pattern-making and worked on accessories and embellishments. Finally, they began their second, more ‘refined’ look, building on the skills they learned earlier in the week to construct a garment from scratch.

Exploring Illustrated Stories @ CMA

Young illustrators have been busy creating original stories this week! First, they were given the choice to make a children’s book, graphic novel, or comic. Along the way, they learned how to create compelling characters, plots, dialogue, and illustrations. Students began by brainstorming characters and narrative ideas. They learned about concept art: a form of illustration used to convey an idea for use in a film, book or other multi-part project. They learned how to storyboard and further developed and refined their books. They used pencil to sketch, ink to refine and add details, and watercolor to add color and bring their illustrations to life!

Art Adventurers @ Governors Island

Art Adventurers are taking inspiration from the many special insects around Governors Island, such butterflies, bumblebees, and grasshoppers! After making beautiful personalized sketchbooks, the Adventurers have been working on colorful paper wings and paper mache masks. By the end of the week, they will transform into their own marvelous flying creatures!

Mixed Media @ Governors Island

Students in Mixed Media have been hard at work creating art with all sorts of materials! From personalized sketchbooks to paper mache animals and 3D layered collages, this camp’s projects keep everyone on their toes! We can’t wait to see their colorful collection of artworks together on Friday.

Music Video @ Governors Island

Watch out, MTV and Vevo! Students in Music Video have been hard at work creating a brand new video for a song by Yohuna, aka Brooklyn-based musician and CMA Community Programs Assistant Johanne Swanson! Inspired by the song, the group came up with a completely original concept for the video, and have been making props, scouting locations, and planning costumes for the shoot. Johanne herself came to the house to chat with the class about her music and their ideas for the project. Today, they set out to begin filming around the island. We can’t wait to see the world premiere of the video on Friday!

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