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Summer Art Colony Update: July 22-26, 2019

Photography @ CMA

Young photographers began this week’s camp with a photography scavenger hunt around Pier 40. They worked in pairs throughout camp, alternating between modeling, composing, and operating the cameras. They learned how to frame an image and were introduced to the different parts of the DSLR camera. Directed by a wide range of assignments and photo challenges, they took their cameras outside the museum to photograph in different locations. They viewed images taken by famous photographers such as Ansel Adams and found ways to incorporate new techniques and styles into their own work. Towards the end of the week, they had fun “light painting,” or using slow-shutter speeds to photograph glow sticks in motion in the dark.

Graphic Novel @ CMA

We had an impressive group of young illustrators this week who have been hard at work conceiving and creating original characters and stories! Campers learned about concept art, storyboarding, and formatting graphic novels. They began the process by developing characters, settings, and plots. Next, they sketched and traced using light boxes and arrived at a final drawing to ink and paint with watercolor. Young artists viewed examples of animated stories such as Toy Story and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse for inspiration. Each day of camp began with a “Drawing Challenge.” A class favorite — “Illustrate a science experiment gone wrong!”

3D Printing @ CMA

This week, campers explored three dimensions through 3D printing and modeling. They used the 3D printing software Tinkercad to create original objects, such as appliances, characters, and figurines. To supplement their printing, they worked with paper and cardboard to create models and prototypes. Students also took a class trip to Hudson Yards to view The Vessel, where they further discussed concepts of 3D design, construction, and geometry.

Art Adventurers @ Governors Island

This week’s Art Adventurers created projects using a wide variety of materials! They started the week making beautiful sketchbooks, decorated with watercolor self-portraits. Since then, they have gone birdwatching, made keychains and necklaces out of handmade clay beads, and created beautiful cyanotype compositions using found objects.

Printmaking @ Governors Island

Printmakers in this week’s class learned a plethora of new techniques to make prints! They made rubbings with natural materials, styrofoam block prints, and stamps. The finished prints range from self-portraits to abstract patterns. We can’t wait to see their portfolios come together on Friday!

Stories on Film @ Governors Island

The budding filmmakers in this week’s Stories on Film class worked in three groups to create completely original short movies! Students mapped out stories, illustrated character designs, and built clay characters and paper sets for claymation sequences. They have begun filming and animating, and we can’t wait to see these original stories screened on Friday!

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