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Summer Art Colony Update: July 29 – August 2, 2019

Upcycled Art and Design @ Governors Island

The Upcyclers have been turning trash into treasure! Using found and repurposed materials such as recycled plastic and cardboard, they have been making original artworks ranging from loom weavings to flower pots. We can’t wait to see all of these unique, resourceful creations in their final gallery show.

Exploring Illustrated Stories @ Governors Island

The illustrators have been learning new techniques to visually bring their stories and character ideas to life. They are discovering principles like character continuity, practicing monochromatic and polychromatic shading, and developing layout and storyboarding skills. We can’t wait to see everyone’s unique story and characters take form on Friday in their gallery of final comic books and process images.

Art Adventurers @ Governors Island

This week’s Art Adventurers have been exploring the island, finding natural materials, and using them to create beautiful decorative artworks. Their classroom is looking more magical than ever!

Experimental Portraiture @ CMA

This week, young artists explored a range of different, unconventional approaches to representing the human face. They began with portrait drawing exercises, such as blind contour drawing. They learned the basics of drawing a face, including different angles of the head. They expanded past drawing to create large-scale collages of faces out of paper and printed images. Halfway through the week, they went outside to collect leaves, sticks, and other natural materials to incorporate into their collages. Finally, they explored portraiture in three dimensions by sculpting busts out of clay!

Claymation @ CMA

We had an impressive group of young animators in camp this week who have been hard at work conceiving and creating original characters and stories! They began the week by learning the basics of stop motion animation. They practiced using iStopMotion software by animating their names using paper. Next, they split into groups to begin developing characters, settings and plots. They sculpted their characters out of clay and painted watercolor backgrounds. Finally, they began to move their characters in front of the backgrounds, bringing them to life frame-by-frame!

Set Design @ CMA

We had a particularly driven and creative group of teen artists this week! Campers began the week watching examples of animations, and brainstorming their overarching storyline as a class. Once they settled on settings and characters, they began constructing three main sets. Using cardboard, paper, clay, paint and other materials, they built immersive worlds. They spent the next couple days animating their characters moving within and between the three sets. The end of the week was dedicated to constructing human-sized props for pixilation — a process by which live actors are used as frame-by-frame subjects in an animated film. 

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