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Summer Art Colony Update: July 1-12, 2019

Intro to Stop Motion @ Governors Island

Young designers have been creating their own stop motion animations, taking their ideas from concept drawings to final digitized versions using iStopMotion software. Students this week are getting a crash course in different stop motion animation techniques! Projects have included name animations using paper cutouts, group animations of a clay head (that talks!), pixelations, and short films made with natural objects found on walks around the island. Watch the finished video.

Printmaking @ CMA

Students have been trying out a variety of techniques to create their own prints! They started the week by making their own sketchbooks that they used to sketch ideas, draw during free time, and document the week. Young artists began by using foam to create relief prints that they used to print onto t-shirts. They have since furthered their knowledge through other printmaking techniques such as embossing, mono-printing, and etching using styrofoam tiles.

Fairy Tale Films @ CMA

Young directors in Fairy Tale Films started the week by sketching out designs for their characters. Afterwards, they began to envision their sets and used watercolor paints to create everything from landscapes to cityscapes and futuristic scenes! Next, students worked in groups to discuss potential narratives of how their different characters could relate to one another to create a storyline for their collaborative stop-motion animation. Finally, they began shooting their final films using iStopmotion software. We can’t wait to see their ideas come together! Watch the finished video.

Video Game Design @ CMA

Students started the week by reinventing games, breaking the rules and making them their own! Next, they sketched ideas and characters for their own games. To begin their game creations, they used Twinery to create games made up of a series of choices. Students then used Scratch to edit and recreate existing games, implementing their own characters and adding to storylines. Afterwards, they used Pico-8 to create their own characters and games. We are so excited to play their games on Friday!

Art Adventurers @ Governors Island

Our first group of Art Adventurers are an intrepid bunch! They have explored the island, gathering natural materials and practicing observational drawing in their own handmade sketchbooks. Using some of the natural materials they found, students created magical fairy houses. After learning about bees and taking a walk in the nearby Lavender Garden, they assembled beautiful lavender bouquets!

Ceramics @ Governors Island

Students in Ceramics have been trying their hand at a variety of hand-building techniques using air-dry clay and a wide range of tools. They have created pinch pots, landscape reliefs inspired by Governors Island, and other imaginative clay vessels. In addition, young artists learned about ceramic artists Maria MartinezGustavo Perez, and Rebecca Morgan. We can’t wait to see their finished pieces together on Friday!

Claymation @ Governors Island 

In Claymation, animators have been working on a variety of solo and group projects. Young artists have experimented with different ways of creating backgrounds and developed detailed storyboards for each of their animations. Each day new casts of clay creatures come to life! Watch the finished video.

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