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Summer Art Colony Update: June 17-21, 2019

Art of Painting @ CMA

Young artists explored different painting techniques, visited Metro Pictures Gallery to view paintings by artist André Butzer, created abstract collaborative work, and developed their own self portraits! Students began by getting to know each another through the creation of collaborative “exquisite corpse” drawings. Afterwards, they made their own sketchbooks and learned about color mixing using primary colors to create secondary colors. Next, they assembled their own mixed media self portraits using a variety of materials to represent different parts of their identity. They took inspiration from André Butzer’s abstract paintings by creating a large scale collaborative piece using paint and expressive movements on a large paper canvas. Finally, after viewing the work of Chuck Close, students created paintings inspired by the grid method he pioneered.

Video Game Design @ CMA

 Young designers have been creating their own video games, taking their ideas from concept drawings to final digitized versions using ‘Scratch’ software, an online video game design program. Students began by learning about the history of video games and viewed video games created by their teacher. They designed characters and settings using pencil and paper and considered how their designs would look translated to a computer screen. Next, students learned the basics of coding. Finally, using everything they had learned, students took their original ideas and used ‘Scratch’ to bring their video games to life!

Printmaking @ CMA

Young artists learned a range of printmaking techniques, visited International Print Center New York (IPCNY) in Chelsea, and selected their favorite technique from the week to explore in-depth for their final project. Students began the week by creating their own linoleum print designs. Using linoleum and carving tools, they developed their designs and printed them using a variety of colors. Next, students explored photo transfer techniques using acetone rubbing, and learned that prints could be made from an existing printed image. They also visited IPCNY, where they received an in-depth tour of the 150+ prints currently on display! Students finished out the week with mono-printing and honed in on a favorite technique to create their final print.

Animal Animations @ Governors Island

Campers are developing their own movie featuring a unique cast of animal characters. They have made character concept drawings, sculpted creatures out of clay, built set pieces, and created paper cutout backgrounds to bring their story settings to life. Students started by animating their title sequences as a way to set the scene for the tale to come and to become familiar with the technology and materials. With the help of animated examples from Miyazaki to Disney, they are learning how elements like color, shadow, and composition contribute to a story. Students are also discussing the role of the protagonist and the antagonist in a story, and how visual elements support and reveal character traits. On Wednesday, campers went on a Scavenger Hunt around the island, gathering materials for their animations and practicing their observational drawing skills. Watch the finished video.

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