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Summer Studio Art Camps Kick Off with Drawesome!

Summer Art Camps returned to Children’s Museum of the Arts this week with one of our most popular camps — Drawesome! Read below to find out what the students learned this week. Want to join the fun? There’s still time to sign up for camp. Click here to check out the summer lineup and sign up!

Drawesome @ CMA

We kicked off the week discussing lines and looking at the work of Paul Klee. Afterwards, we headed to a nearby park to create our own version of the Drawing Olympics! Students were encouraged to draw lines that they find in nature, such as on leaves and tree bark. Back at the Museum, we learned how to blend pastels and experimented with color mixing. Students then divided themselves into pairs and created portraits using paper and pastels. View more photos

Drawesome Online

We started the week learning how to make blind contour drawings and still lifes. Students did an amazing job mastering these new techniques! Next, we wrote letters to ourselves using invisible ink made from lemon or lime juice. It was such a fun challenge to incorporate fruit juice in our drawings! Finally, we made ink animal contour drawings and learned how to create a simple animation — students were worried they couldn’t do the animation, but they conquered their fears and made it work! Along the way, we learned about the artwork of beloved children’s illustrators Beatrix Potter and Catherine Greenaway, as well as Star Wars designer Ralph McQuarrie. View more photos

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