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Teaching Artist Annie Moor on her artistic process and illustration business

If you’ve visited CMA sometime in the last 10 years, you’ve probably met Annie Moor, WEE Arts Teaching Artist who has been creating art with visitors for a decade at CMA. When she’s not leading music time or an A.M. Artists class, Annie is running her illustration business “Annie Draws Stuff,” which encompasses custom cards, sticker packs, temporary tattoos, and more.

Wanting to broaden her illustration work, Annie started making temporary tattoos last year. That led her to apply for a spot in the 2016 Union Square Holiday market where she sold her first big collection of temporary tattoos, stickers and cards, and she’s been running the business ever since. This year, you can find Annie at the Union Square Holiday market again, where she will be selling her collection along with a few new items such as handmade cards and prints of her illustrations.

Her items make for great gifts, even for adults! “In my head, my designs were mostly for kids, but I was actually surprised how many I was selling to adults as gifts for other adults,” she said. “My style is whimsical, so it lends itself to both adults and children.”

Annie’s artistic process starts with a category, such as animals. “I’ll sit down and draw every animal I can think of, with clothes, without clothes, in a situation, not in a situation, and I’ll just draw, and draw, and draw.” She then scans everything into photoshop and adds color and makes edits before sending the drawings to be printed into temporary tattoos.


For her stickers, Annie likes to look at popular culture and find what people are connecting with. “Last year I think I sold about 480 Lin-Manuel Miranda stickers, it was my best seller,” she said. This year, you’ll find Maxine Waters stickers and characters from Stranger Things, among others.

CMA is a constant source of inspiration for Annie, who has worked in every CMA program with every age group.

“Especially now in WEE Arts,” she said. “Working with toddlers, it is so silly. You end up having these silly, fun conversations with little kids and they are like, ‘I’m a lion and I’m wearing a birthday hat.’ And, in my head I’m thinking, ‘Ooh, a lion with a birthday hat, that’s a really cute idea.’ I’ll go home and draw a lion with a birthday hat, and then a whole zoo party!”

You can find Annie’s Union Square Holiday Market booth, A20, just above 14th Street in the Little Brooklyn section, featuring business that are 100% handmade in Brooklyn. After checking out Annie’s booth, join CMA for some free art making at the art station in the Eats section, to the right of the George Washington Statue. The holiday market is open every day except Thanksgiving, November 16 – December 24.

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