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Take a Tour Around the World Through Children’s Art

It’s the season of love and we couldn’t think of a better person to celebrate it with than … you! We’re teaming up with Hudson Square Business Improvement District to share the love for our New York City community with families near and far. All week long, participate in Valentine-inspired art projects to show affection for the friends, coworkers, neighbors, educators, and pets that bring joy to our lives. 

Take a tour of Valentine’s Day throughout history with the help of our our collection of children’s art from around the world.

1. A Foxy Feline from Afonaseva, Age 7, Russia

2. Cozy Cats from Hannah Stokes, Age 10, India / Britain

3. A Rosy Rabbit from Mayako Oide Age 6, Sri Lanka / Japan

4. A Sassy Swan (and Sun!) from Matilda Svensson, Age 10, Sweden

5. A Curious Cat from Tarasova, Age 10, Russia

6. A Lovely Lizard from Karen De Beer, Age 9, South Africa

7. A Funny Frog (and Worm!) from Jan-Louw Botha, Age 7, South Africa

8. Friendly Fish from Aline Hitti, Age 10, United Arab Emirates

9. A Dapper Dog from Ingvild Eilertsen, Age, 9, Norway

10. A Kind Koala from Karen Bird, Age 8, Australia

Feel inspired? Bring your valentine to a specially-marked drop-off box at Hudson Square Pharmacy located at 345 Hudson Street (around the corner from CMA!) through February 28. Valentines will be displayed in CMA’s front window for all to see. Can’t make it in-person? Submit your child’s creations here or use the hashtag #CMAVDAY when sharing on your own socials. To participate, follow along on social media at @CMAinNYC and @HudsonSquareNYC and sign up for CMA’s mailing list for projects and inspiration.

Top Image: Life by Kirin Gill, Age 7, India / Britain


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