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stART Teaching Artist Spotlight: Lynn!

Growing up in Long Island and following her inspiration to draw and explore the spirit of trees and New York City, our very own stART Teaching Artist Lynn takes us on an adventure through her favorite places and her love for teaching!

Lynn has lived in New York her whole life, and from a young age has been teaching many audiences. She worked in the mental health field focused on teaching life skills to people who suffered psychiatric disorders. She recalls, “it was here I fell in love with teaching and decided to pursue my Masters in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. I have always been an artist, a self-taught artist. I have been an art teacher for WEE for 2 years.”

Since she was child she loved to draw!

However, her creativity also led her to discover that not all surfaces are meant for art. One of her first masterpieces when she was two years old got Lynn into a bit of trouble with her parents, “to my parents dismay…. I drew this large picture of animals on my brother’s bedroom wall. Since then, I drew free from instruction, with the exceptions of art books I read”. Later on, Lynn combined her free drawing style with techniques she learned at the New York Student Art League.

Lynn is inspired by nature, and her favorite are trees!  She calls her art, Tree Art: “I find trees fascinating because you’ll never find two trees that are exactly alike. To me they are full of personality and possess a distinct characteristic. But what I love most about trees is their movement and that’s is what I try to capture in my work.”
Her work is influenced by a combination of artists, including our very own young artists in the WEE studio, and specifically by Japanese brush painting. For her, teaching and art have become a harmonious duo. Her favorite part about teaching at CMA is that  “children come with a natural ability to be open, explore and discover. This has led me to do the same in my own art practice.” Lynn enjoys Sumi-e painting, and has taken several classes. She explains that in “Sumi-e painting the artist attempts to grasp the spirit of the subject, the Chi or life spirit. The paintings become a language about the spirit rather than focusing on the object itself”.

The diversity and world cultures in New York City are what Lynn loves the most about living here. Her personal favorites and recommendations if you wanted to enjoy a day the Lynn-way besides CMA, are the Rubin Museum, art from the Himalayas, and it’s neighboring regions and the Botanical Gardens and the parks.

She confessed that there are too many funny moments in class to choose from, so come and join Lynn in making art, music and fun during one of our stART classes!

(A little fun fact about Lynn: Her favorite color is YELLOW)

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