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This Week in Claymation Masters

Summer Art Colony is in full swing with Claymation Masters this week. Students watched clips from Nick Park‘s Wallace and Gromit and discussed how the animator used facial expressions and body language to communicate emotions and tell a story on film. Artist Alexander Unger also served as a big inspiration for students’ set designs and clay characters. Throughout the week, artists learned techniques in stop-motion claymation, set design, sculpture, and narrative. Each artist worked on their own short animation, compiled into a collaborative film. By the end of this week, students were proficient with utilizing the stop-motion animation app to create their own films. On the final day of camp, the group played a game of clay-charades, or as one student called it, “Clayrades.” One student made a peacock spider — it was spooky-cute! Watch a short film compiled by Teaching Artist Katie Cheng below.

Summer Art Colony continues online through August.

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