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This Week in Tiny Worlds

Last week in Tiny Worlds, students made tiny planets out of paper and clay, including the core, magma layer, and crust. We studied nebulas, the art of Bango Sango, and even illustrated detailed images of an alien world. Inspired by artists Henry Dalton, Lim Pui Wan, and Martin Handford (creator of Where’s Waldo), we created microscopic butterfly scales, tiny food, and even mini furniture! Students earned several techniques using cardboard, plasticine, and other found materials to create their own tiny worlds with miniature characters. One student, Marguerite, shared insightful information about Greek Mythology, and her vast knowledge was very impressive. Another student, Lila, exclaimed “I made a working swing and zip line for my tiny world” — what a wonderful way to end our first ever Online Art Camps season!Get a taste of the fun in the short film compiled by Teaching Artist Jacob Hicks below and view photos from the online exhibition here.

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