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This Week in Tiny Worlds

Inspired by these artists Bang Sangho, Henry Dalton, Lim Pui Wan, and Martin Handford (creator of Where’s Waldo), students in Tiny Worlds created microscopic scales of butterflies, tiny food, and even mini furniture. Using cardboard, plasticine, and other household materials, they each created their own tiny world with miniature characters. One student, Marguerite, shared some insightful information about Greek mythology, and we were all really impressed with her vast knowledge! Another student, Amaya, made a sofa out of shaving cream, remarking, “I left shaving cream in the shape of my mini sofa to sit for one week, and now it’s dry. Remember, don’t put clay pillows on it, because they might sink down before it dries!” Wise words from a tiny artist. As always, the camp culminated in a virtual exhibition, which you can view here. Enjoy a short film compiled by Teaching Artist Jacob Hicks below.

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