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Art Activities That the Whole Family Can Do Together!

Take advantage of downtime on the weekends with creative projects that the whole family can do together! Share any artwork you create with us using the hashtag #cmanychallenge.

Color Wheel Scavenger Hunt

Can you name all the colors of the rainbow? Use objects around your home for a fun Color Wheel Scavenger Hunt!

Superhero Costume Challenge

Do you have clothes or a costume that makes you feel confident, powerful, and ready to take on the world? Rummage through your closet with your family and pick out superhero costumes for each other!

Homemade Habitats

A cotton ball as a pillow, a book as a tent, and embroidery thread as a river — use your imagination to turn unexpected objects into your own homemade habitat!

Neighborhood Bingo

What makes your neighborhood special? A tiny dog, sidewalk chalk art, or bright yellow flowers? Follow along as Mackie creates a neighborhood bingo card to use next time you go outside to play.

While our doors are closed, CMA is here for you and your family with at-home art projects to keep children entertained and engaged. However, every day we’re closed puts the future of CMA in further jeopardy. 

Will you be there for us? Every dollar you donate directly supports the Museum and ensures that CMA will remain a pillar of educational and artistic leadership in New York City. Click here to donate.

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