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Call for Drawings: NYC Kids Design Puppets for NY’s Village Halloween Parade!

Submit Your Child’s Drawing

This year’s Village Halloween Parade is dedicated to the children of NYC who missed out on Halloween last year due to the pandemic. In partnership with parade organizers, Children’s Museum of the Arts is asking children to help design the puppets that lead the beloved event each year.

Official Parade Puppeteers at Processional Arts Workshop will work throughout the month of October to transform select children’s drawings into giant illuminated figures. Select drawings will also be turned into trick-or-treat postcards to be handed out to the crowd.

For this year’s theme of Let’s Play: All Together Now, children are encouraged to submit drawings of someone they love playing outside (such as human or animal friends at the park, pool, or playground) and/or something outside that makes them happy (such as a kite, ice cream cone, carousel, bird, or ball).

The deadline to submit artwork is October 13, 2021 at midnight. Artworks will be selected on a rolling basis and early submissions are encouraged. Please use strong lines to create your drawing on a white paper background. Works must be submitted in JPG or PDF format and a minimum of 1 MB. Happy Creating and Happy Halloween!

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