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CMA Live: Club CMA Para Familias: Hometown Maps

At CMA Live

January 23, 11 am 11:45 am

Ages 5+

Free with RSVP

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This class is presented predominantly in Spanish while providing translation to English as needed.

Inspired by Chilean artist Alfredo Jaar‘s A Logo for America, we will create woven paper maps of our hometowns, celebrating all of the places that we call home.

Club CMA Para Familias is an opportunity for families to create artwork inspired by Latinx and Spanish-speaking visual artists.


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“A Logo for America” ​​del artista chileno Alfredo Jaar, es nuestra inspiración para nuestra clase de arte de hoy. Crearemos pequeños mapas tejidos de papel de nuestros lugares de origen celebrando todas las Américas.


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