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CMA Live: Club CMA with Raquel

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Ages 6-8

$10 per class

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Join us for 30 minutes of fun, play, and art-making. Bring your creative energy, make new friends, and share your art with others! This class is led by Raquel Du Toit, CMA Associate Director of Programming. 

This class takes place on Wednesdays through August 26. Class times are listed in Eastern Time (ET).

Weekly Themes

July 15: X-Ray Vision

What if your superpower was x-ray vision? We will make our x-ray prints using our favorite toys! Your friends and family will be impressed when you show them your superpower knack for x-ray painting. 

Materials: black or dark blue construction paper, white chalk, favorite toy

July 22: Magical Kaleidoscopes

Let’s create a magical kaleidoscope using the colors of the Earth. Learn how you can see your favorite park, tree, or apartment in different colors.

Materials: Pringles can (lid and bottom) or toilet roll, wax paper, aluminum foil, scissors, tissue paper, wrapping paper

July 29: Whirligigs

Create an illusion with a whirligig spinner and play with color while impressing with your friends. Transfix their imagination with your superpowers of color transformation! This age-old activity will take on new life using recycled materials and colorful paints. 

Materials: cardboard, string or yarn, scissors, glue, plain paper, colored markers, paintbrush, pencil

August 5: Portraits of Future Selves

Inspired by pointillism, we will paint a portrait of our future selves. With colorful paint, construction paper, and imagination, we can come up with anything we want to become.

Materials: Q tips, markers, tempera paint, construction paper

August 12: Reimagining Landscapes

Do you live in the city, on a farm, or in suburbia? What would your utopia look like? Using impressionist  techniques, we will create our own utopian landscape.

Materials: fork, knife, spoon, tempura paint, hard paper stock or canvas

August 19: Monuments of the Future

Splashes of color, large or small structures — we will think about how to recreate monuments that define us. Would you build a statue of your family? What about celebrating extinct animals?  Let’s play with size and color while making our own monuments

Materials: painters tape, newspaper, paintbrushes, tempura paint, cardboard, scissors

August 26: Weaving Our Hopes and Dreams

What are your dreams and hopes for the future? With string, paper, and colors, we will capture our hopes and dreams into our very own dream catchers. 

Materials: cardboard, construction paper, pencil or pen, scissors, glue, string or yarn, hole puncher

This class will be recorded for educational and promotional purposes. If you do not wish to have your image or name on screen, please join with audio only and rename yourself using the Zoom rename options.

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