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CMA Live: Magic of Color with Fritz Horstman

At CMA Live

Ages 8-11

Using construction paper, scraps from magazines, and anything else that has color on it, students will explore the magical ways that color can fool us, surprise us, and deceive us! Students will learn how to make one color look like two different colors while trying their hands at The Four Color Worlds, Illusions of Transparency, and more. This class meets weekly on Fridays for four sessions from April 3-24.

This class is taught by Fritz Horstman, Director of Education at The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation.

– Scissors
– Glue (a glue stick is perfect, but any glue will work)
– White paper (8×5 x 11″ is great, but any size will work)
– As many colors of paper as possible, preferably at least 20 different colors. More is better. Large areas of a single color are great. We want flat color (no words or shading or anything other than the plain color). Bright colors are great, but so are dull ones!

Possible Sources of Colored Paper:
– Construction paper
– Wrapping paper
– Magazines and catalogues
– Packaging from the recycling container
– Paint chips

Please Note: This class will be recorded for educational and promotional purposes. If you wish to not have your image or name on screen, please join with audio only and rename yourself using the Zoom rename options.

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