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Design Solutions with Hirokazu Nagata

At 103 Charlton St.

Ages 5+

General admission

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How can we create a better world through design? In this workshop, artist Hirokazu Nagata will guide visitors to think creatively about how they can repurpose or reuse everyday goods and materials that would be useful in situations where resources are limited. Young artists will be encouraged to think about what they might need in an emergency situation, try fashioning plates or bowls out of paper, and rain ponchos out of plastic bags.

Hirokazu Nagata is a leader and innovator in educating the public on disaster preparedness through creative design. Originally from Japan, he has worked with NHK (Japan’s national public broadcasting organization) and companies like MUJI and P&G to educate and prepare people with engaging methods.

This workshop will take place in the Swirl Studio.

This workshop is supported by the Japan Foundation and the Center for Global Partnership

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