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Join CMA in Union Square for art-making during the annual Holiday Market! CMA Teaching Artists will be leading hands on workshops on weekday afternoons and weekends November 15 through December 24.

Find the booth in the Southeast corner of Union Square!

Week 1: Nov 15 – Nov 25 — Art Nouveau Lanterns

Join us in adding some whimsical beauty to our art nouveau winter wonderland! This week we will be using card stock, tissue paper and metallic accents to create hanging paper lanterns. Add your lantern to our booth or take it home to hang wherever you’d like!

Week 2: Nov 26 – Dec 2 — Comfy Cozy Puppets

It’s time to bundle up! Using cardboard, fabric and paper, create a cozy bundled up puppet to use in our puppet theatre at the booth. What kind of winter wear will your puppet need?

Week 3: Dec 3 – Dec 9 — Hanging Stars

The winter night sky has been an inspiration to many artists in the past. It’s a special treat to see stars twinkling in the city! This week we will be creating out own hanging star sculptures out of multicolored wire.

Week 4: Dec 10 – Dec 16 — Winter Spinners

We’re celebrating the beauty and color palette of the winter season. Using paper plates, visitors will create a colorful backdrop and cut out a scene that can be spun to change the background of the scene! What winter narrative can you come up with? Watch the background of your story change!

Week 5: Dec 17 – Dec 24 — Collaborative Winter Cityscapes

Collaborative Winter Cityscapes: It’s a marshmallow world! Come collaborate with CMA teaching artists and create snowy skyscrapers, winter trees, and bundled up city dwellers.

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The Union Square Holiday Market is an internationally renowned Holiday Market located at the heart of New York City, in Union Square Park. Hailed as a must-visit destination for unique gifts created by local craftsmen and artists, millions of people browse the winding aisles each year enjoying this unique and eclectic holiday experience.

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