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Free Resources for At-Home Arts Education

Keep arts education thriving in your home by taking advantage of CMA’s free resources, which include How-To Videos, curricula guides, daily art challenges, art projects, and much more! Created by CMA staff in conjunction with arts education professionals, these resources are offered free of charge and affirm CMA’s mission of making the arts accessible to all children and families.

Follow along with CMA’s social media and blog as we continue to post new resources!

CMA Live!

Bring CMA’s renowned programming into your own home with our new online series. Hosted by CMA staff members and guest educators, these free interactive sessions take place over Zoom and invite children of all ages to participate in sing-alongs, create their own artworks, explore creative movement, and much more. All CMA Live programs are free, with an option to donate.

How-To Videos

CMA’s How-To Videos share step-by-step instructions for art projects that the whole family can do together.

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Video Art Lessons

Curvy Lines and Shapes Inspired by Tarsila do Amaral

Inspired by the work of Brazilian artist Tarsila do Amaral, join in as we explore curvy lines and rounded shapes in this art lesson! Follow along as CMA Teaching Artist Bridget LOOKS at her favorite piece of art, MAKES an artwork of her own, and SHARES what she made. This project is suitable for all ages and requires paper and a drawing tool of your choice.

Penguin Holiday

Follow along as Mackie, CMA’s School Programs Manager, shares the work of artist Jim Saylor. During Penguin Holiday, Mackie draws inspiration from his pieces to make her own character who visits new places and does her favorite activities! This project is suitable for ages 5+ and requires paper, pencil, scissors, and anything to add color, such as markers or crayons.

Light Portraits Inspired by Rico Gatson

What makes you feel powerful? What are your strengths? CMA School Programs Manager Mackie explores how Rico Gatson‘s Icon series motivates us to feel hopeful and joyful, and encourages us to make an impact in our world. Gatson’s artwork serves as the inspiration for Mackie’s Light Portrait. Use CMA’s Look Make Share pedagogy to make your own!

Family Art Activities

Color Wheel Scavenger Hunt

Can you name all of the colors of the rainbow? Use objects around your home for a fun Color Wheel Scavenger Hunt!

Superhero Costume Challenge

Do you have clothes or a costume that makes you feel confident, powerful, and ready to take on the world? Rummage through your closet with your family and pick out superhero costumes for each other!

Homemade Habitats

A cotton ball as a pillow, a book as a tent, and embroidery thread as a river — use your imagination to turn unexpected objects into your own homemade habitat!

Art Projects for Early Learners

How to Make Playdough

Follow along as Tom, CMA’s Director of Early Childhood, reveals tips and tricks for making a squishy, stimulating batch of playdough that will provide hours of fun. We’ll even sing a special playdough song (also translated into American Sign Language!)

Drawing Time

Drawing Time with Tom is more than just a chance to meet his sidekick Tiny the Dog. It’s a time to learn all the ways you can draw — sung in Tom’s signature musical improvisation format.

Story Time

"The House in the Night" by Susan Marie Swanson

CMA’s Associate Director of Programming, Raquel Du Toit, reads aloud from The House in the Night written by Susan Marie Swanson and illustrated by Beth Krommes.

"Hug Me" by Simon Ciraolo

CMA’s Associate Director of Programming, Raquel Du Toit, reads aloud from Hug Me written and illustrated by Simon Ciraolo.

¿Eres Mi Mama? by P.D. Eastman

CMA’s Associate Director of Programming, Raquel Du Toit, reads aloud from ¿Eres Mi Mama? by P.D. Eastman.

Curricula Guides

CMA’s Curricula Guides draw connections between interdisciplinary themes in the Museum’s contemporary art exhibitions and classroom learning.

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Art Projects

DIY Bowling

stART Studio Teaching Artist Lynn Roselli offers a fun and easy way to turn upcycled materials into your very own bowling alley — all from the comfort of your home!

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Musical Drawings and Environmental Water Paintings

Bring the magic of stART Studio into your own home with two creative art projects for children under 5.

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Make Your Own Flubber

If you’ve visited stART Studio at CMA, you know that the flubber table is one of our most popular activities. Learn 6 fun facts about flubber and follow along with the recipe to make your own!

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Virtual Thank You for Essential Workers

Creating a virtual thank you note for essential workers is a rewarding way to support the workers who are helping us through this challenging time.

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Five Projects to Turn Your Home into an Art Museum

Try your hand at being an Exhibition Designer, Curator, Preparator, and much more with these five projects for turning your home into an art museum.

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How to Make a Face Mask

It’s fun and easy to make a face mask for yourself, your child, or someone you love!

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Make Your Own Clay Penguin and Alligator

Bring the zoo indoors by following along with our step-by-step instructions for creating your own clay penguin and alligator.

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Party Masks and Clay Roses

Teaching Artist Ian Faria shares his two favorite at-home art projects.

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Look Make Share

About CMA's Pedagogy

CMA’s Look Make Share pedagogy is the hallmark of the Museum’s workshops, classes, camps, and school programs. Look Make Share incorporates Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles by encouraging children to explore artworks, participate in art-making, and reflect on the experience. In particular, Look Make Share draws from the three guiding principles of UDL: representation, expression, and engagement.

Home Sweet Home: Is a Home a Sanctuary?

Using works from CMA’s Home Sweet Home: Is a Home a Sanctuary? exhibition, spend 5-10 minutes with your child or class each day to investigate a special piece of art using the inquiry-based questions provided.

Part 1

Part 2

Permanent Collection

CMA’s Permanent Collection is comprised of 2,000 paintings and drawings of children’s art from over 50 countries, dating back to the 1930s. Use CMA’s Look Make Share pedagogy to explore five artworks from the Museum’s collection.

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Past CMA Exhibitions

Do you have a favorite past exhibition at CMA? Bring the classroom into your home by examining popular artworks from past exhibitions using critical thinking skills!

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Daily Drawing Challenges

Inspired by Yoko Ono's Grapefruit

CMA’s Fine Arts Manager Tara Foley shares and illustrates a series of daily instructional art activities written in the spirit of Yoko Ono‘s Fluxus masterpiece, Grapefruit: A Book of Instructions and Drawings.

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Inspired by Color

We are inspired by the colors in the world around us, both inside and outside. From thanking our essential workers to celebrating spring, find a fun project to create with your family or your class!

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Inspired by Line, Shape, and Pattern

Did you know CMA has a Permanent Collection of artwork from children around the world? Using simple drawing materials, these fun art activities allow children to investigate how simple lines and shapes can turn into interesting works of art.

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Inspired by Art Techniques

Use CMA’s Permanent Collection as inspiration to explore art-making techniques such as printmaking, collaging, and painting using basic art materials.

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Inspired by Earth Week

Use CMA’s Permanent Collection as inspiration to explore the wonders of our natural world.

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Meet the Makers

Yung Oh Le Page

Longtime friend of CMA Yung Oh Le Page is sharing How-To-style videos on his YouTube page! Read an interview with Yung about his practice as a cardboard artist, his favorite CMA memory, and advice on how to address challenging topics with children.

Meet Yung

Mx. Rich

Meet CMA-Teaching-Artist-turned-LA-maker Mx. Rich and their new workshop series, Mx. Rich Makes!

Meet Mx. Rich

Reed Hexamer

Spend 10 minutes with Teaching Artist Reed Hexamer and learn how you can make your own wheatpaste squid sculpture at home.

Meet Reed

Queer Kid Stuff

Meet Lindz Amer (and their best stuffed friend Teddy) of Queer Kid Stuff, an webseries for LGBTQ+ children and their families.

Meet Lindz

Fritz Horstman

Taught by Fritz Horstman, Director of Education at The Albers Foundation, Magic of Color is part of Albers for Kids, a new online educational initiative for young artists of all ages.

Meet Fritz

Brady Legler

Jewelry designer and painter Brady Legler’s latest project, Color My Abstract World, draws on his past work at CMA to provide creative at-home art activities for children.

Meet Brady

Nina Boesch

Nina Boesch is a Brooklyn-based mom, designer, artist and founder of Stay Home. Reach Out, a global kindness activity that allows strangers to write each other postcards from all over the world.

Meet Nina

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