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Bridge Projects: Julia von Eichel: Suspension

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Julia von Eichel

Julia von Eichel’s work is concerned with the tension between chaos and control. From the process of creation to the final piece, the juxtaposition of precision and serendipitous expression is constantly at play.

The artist starts with a large sheet of mylar. Working on the floor of her studio, she spills watered down, white acrylic paint, which naturally follows its own course until she disrupts its haphazard flow by directing the liquid with a blow dryer: gusts of wind against the edges of rivers. She shapes these rivers of paint with as much control as can be afforded when using pure air as a paintbrush.

When the shapes have dried, von Eichel meticulously cuts out the forms with a meticulousness normally reserved for lacework. The result is a collection of spills that is both frenzied and intentional.

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