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Bridge Projects: Rico Gatson: You Are Light

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Rico Gatson

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You Are Light is an installation that represents light pictorially as a metaphor or symbol for positive energy, power, and hope for a better future. The various forms that comprise the installation approximate prisms, rays, and bands of color, expanding upon a Pan African sensibility of red, black green, yellow, orange, purple and magenta. The beautiful and calming effect of the chosen color, pattern and light provides a respite or escape, as well as a place of contemplation and rejuvenation. Young artists are our hope for a much brighter future and their light provides hope for us all. Come activate the installation both literally and symbolically as manifestations of the light! 

Over the course of almost two decades, Rico Gatson has been celebrated for his confrontational and politically opinionated artworks, often based on significant moments in black history. Images of riots, fires, and confinement pervades his works, which have touched on a range of subjects including the Watts Riots, the election of President Barack Obama, and the formation of the Black Panthers. As Gatson once said, “I’m always interested in seducing the viewer and then hitting them on the way out, allowing a delayed response to powerfully charged content.” Even though he uses painting, video, sculpture, and installation in his works, Gatson prefers not to be defined by any single medium. Instead, Gatson thinks of himself as an object maker inspired by Conceptualism, in that the idea behind the work is more important than the finished object, and Performance Art, where the artwork is an action.

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