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Steed Taylor

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Steed Taylor’s work often is composed of “tattoos,” which are usually painted directly onto a roadway for purposes similar to that of a tattoo on skin — as a means of commemoration, communication, and ritual. For this installation, Taylor explores situating a tattoo onto the ceiling and walls of CMA’s Bridge. Taylor’s road tattoos are site-specific, community-based public artworks. For Comity Bridge, Taylor worked with children enrolled in CMA’s art classes and community programs during the installation process, asking participants to write their statements of comity, or statements of mutual courtesy and consideration, into the lines on the walls of the Bridge. Taylor believes that in discussing and writing about the ideals of comity, participants and viewers will begin to understand that people who they believe are different than themselves are actually more similar than they realize. When finished, the statements were painted over, sealing them in the piece forever.

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