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Cabinets of Wonder: The Art of Collecting

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Barton Lidice Benes, Mark Dion, Cui Fei, Vanessa German, Jean Shin, Jan Staller, Penelope Umbrico

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Cabinets of Wonder: The Art of Collecting is an exhibition of works by established and emerging artists that encourages curiosity about the world.

Cabinets of Wonder, or Curiosity Cabinets, from the German term Wunderkammer, are historically strange collections of natural objects, art, or bizarre artifacts that Illustrated the collectors’ rare knowledge, prestige or power. They can also be considered museums for our imagination, containing the objects and stories that demonstrate our curiosity for collecting. A contemporary interpretation of the traditional Wunderkammer (Wonder Cabinets), this exhibition presents the work of contemporary artists who collect and re-display familiar objects from nature and everyday life. In an era of high-tech mass production, these artists lend themselves to a labor-intensive, manual process that transforms the mundane into the marvelous.

Collecting is a human activity that always fascinates. Anything can be an object for collecting, from cooking spoons to paintings of cooking spoons. We collect things as a pastime, as a mission in life, or just because we can’t help it. Collecting shines a searchlight – directly or indirectly – on the relationship between the objects we desire, and their relationship to us, or to society. The exhibition Cabinet of Wonder: The Art of Collecting encourages viewers to consider their own habits of collecting, whether is it Clay Bar figures or stamps.

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This exhibition is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Also on view

    In the Bridge Space Almond Zigmund: Plane Site

    Plane Site is a site-specific installation made from adherent vinyl, acrylic, paint and lights that will challenge a young artist’s understanding and perception of space.

    Almond Zigmund’s work strives to sharpen our perceptions of space while exploring the nature of opposition. Combining crisp geometry, vivid color, and intricate patterns, her drawings, sculptures, and installations often suggest walls, barricades, enclosures, and other aspects of the built environment. Originally from Brooklyn, Zigmund received her BFA from Parsons School of Design, in both New York and Paris. She later earned her MFA from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Zigmund’s work has been exhibited internationally for the past decade, including shows in Zurich, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Columbus. Her work has been selected for shows curated by Dave Hickey, Robert Storr, David Pagel, David Adamo, Jessica Frost, Rolf Staub and Steven Criqui, among others.  In 2012 the Parrish Art Museum produced a large scaled installation titled Interruptions Repeated, a site specific sculpture for the Parrish Road Show. Zigmund currently splits her time between Brooklyn and East Hampton,  NY.

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