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The Look Make Show is a new interactive online TV channel created by child and adult artists working together to take on important questions of our time. Based on the principle that all children are artists, the show bridges education and entertainment to answer today’s critical issues about art, our world, and everything in between. Each animated episode follows main characters Rod and Coney on their journey to create a television show about art — together!

Based on CMA’s Look, Make, Share pedagogy, The Look Make Show Channel is a virtual platform that spotlights workshops, artist talks, studio visits, music videos, interviews, documentaries, and follow-along art lessons that bridge location, language, and income levels in a fun and creative way.

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The Story

Main characters Rod and Coney are child artists who love to share their art with their friends, but because of the global pandemic, they’ve been stuck inside watching television. But they’ve learned a lot of new things from watching TV, so they decide to make a TV show with all of their friends (children everywhere) to learn about art, face life’s challenges, and make new art — together!


Rod, Coney, and their friends in The Look Make Show are tackling the big questions to inspire conversations about art, our world, current events, and everything in between:

How do we look at a monument? What is the role of a monument today?

How can we work together to inspire change?

What is cultural appropriation?

How can we collaborate when we all have different ideas?

How do colors work?

What role do artists play in the world?

Upcoming episodes in the first season will touch on how to celebrate change through monuments, how to address appropriation and satire at a costume party, how to work together using unique talents and different character traits, and how to deal with the anxiety of making something new.

Meet the Characters!

The Look Make Show stars Rod and Coney, who are best friends growing up in New York City. Like most kids, they have an appetite for big ideas and are always eager to learn new things. They’re artists who like to sculpt, paint, draw, dance, sing, and act, and they love collaborating with their friends to create new kinds of art. When the pandemic is over, they can’t wait to be back in the world — hanging out with friends, going to birthday parties together, playing in the park, and creating art projects with each other.

Rod, who’s a little older than Coney, is pretty Type A. A bit stubborn, strong-headed, and always wanting to take on leadership roles, sometimes Rod can be too focused on accomplishing goals to remember to listen to the ideas of others. This is something Rod is working on with Coney’s help. Coney can be a little more reticent toward new experiences at first blush, but with Rod’s encouragement, Coney’s exuberant creativity and love of collaborating with others comes to life.



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