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Christo & Jean-Claude, Keith Haring, Hundertwasser, Moondog, Remed, Swoon, Tranqui Yanqui, 70s Piecebooks

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Make Art (In) Public introduces visitors to a group of artists past and present who go above and beyond the call of duty to make art for everyone to see. Whether their medium of choice is painting, performance, sculpture, or architecture, they use their medium to communicate directly with people in public spaces.

Sometimes their art is about important issues, such as creative freedom and social injustice. Other times, there is no greater motivation than to make something fun and beautiful for all people to enjoy. Either way, through their art, these artists create positive change within the communities they work, furthering the dialogue between artist and audience.  Through the immensity of their vision and talent, they inspire new generations of artists to turn their dreams into reality.

Support for this exhibition was provided in part by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Special thanks to all of the artists, as well as The Keith Haring Foundation, Muna Tseng Dance Projects, The Collection of James Cottrell and Joseph Levitt, and the Hundertwasser Non Profit Foundaiton. Exhibition designed by Asad Pervaiz.

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