CMA Resources for At-Home Arts Education

Use CMA's Permanent Collection as inspiration to explore the wonders of our natural world. Read more

Use CMA's Permanent Collection as inspiration to explore art-making techniques such as printmaking, collaging, and painting using basic art materials. Read more

Using simple drawing materials, these fun art activities allow children to investigate how simple lines and shapes can turn into interesting works of art. Read more

These simple and fun art prompts are a great way to use household materials for creative art-making. Read more

Check out a series of instructional art activities written in the spirit of the classic Fluxus artwork, which contain poetic instructions to interact with the world around them in new and whimsical ways. Read more

Keep arts education thriving in your home by taking advantage of CMA’s free resources for families and educators. These resources are offered free of charge and affirm CMA’s mission of making the arts accessible to all children and families.

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