CMA & Schools

CMA in Schools

CMA offers art residencies for students of all ages, typically ranging from 3K to 12th grade. Residencies focus on Fine Arts or Media Arts and are led by professional Teaching Artists.

We work hand-in-hand with schools to integrate the arts in classrooms, using inquiry-based learning to creatively bridge disciplines. As a partner of the NYC Department of Education (DOE), CMA’s school programming supports the Common Core State Standards, NYC DOE’s Blueprint Standards for Teaching and Learning in the Visual Arts and the Moving Image, Framework for 21st Century Learning, and Universal Design for Learning.

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Early Childhood

Early Childhood residencies provide multi-sensory experiences that encourage observation, exploration, and creative thinking. Students develop motor and language skills through process-based art-making by layering a variety of exciting tactile materials to create new surfaces, textures, forms, shapes, and colors. Students are encouraged to self-regulate through individual projects and are supported through collaborative projects to gain important social skills.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts residencies provide opportunities for close examination of artworks in social context, questioning, and analysis of artistic practice. Students develop techniques and understanding of choice-making through the impact of materials and exploration of various media including drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, mixed media, textiles, sculpture, and installation. Residencies conclude with an exhibition of student work at the school.

Media Lab

Media Arts residencies provide exposure to new media software through digital storytelling techniques in stop-motion animation and live-action film. Students work collaboratively to create narratives by making films which exercise literacy skills through script-writing, character development, set design, and sound selection. These residencies typically culminate in a film screening at the school.

Standard Residencies

8-Week Residency

This is an introductory residency to CMA in-school programming. It includes 1 planning meeting, 6 instructional days with students, and 1 culminating event. Field trips to CMA can be added on at an additional cost. 

14-Week Residency

CMA’s core residency program includes 1 planning meeting, 12 instructional days with students, and 1 culminating event. Field trips to CMA can be added on at an additional cost.

20-Week Residency

This extended residency includes 1 planning meeting, 18 instructional days with students, and 1 culminating event. Additional instructional days and/or field trips to CMA can be added on at an additional cost.

After-School Residency

After School residencies include 1 planning meeting and a minimum of 8 teaching sessions. Additional sessions can be added on at an additional cost.

Family Engagement Programs

These two-hour workshops allow families to come together to create original works of art and learn how to continue making art together at home.

Grant-Funded Opportunities to Partner with CMA

CMA partners with NYC DOE Public Schools on grant-funded partnerships including Cultural After-School Adventures (CASA) and programs for English Language Learners and students with disabilities.

Long-term partnerships enable us to merge fine arts and media art programs and provide students time to develop meaningful projects and collaborations.

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This program is supported by Affirmation Arts and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council / Cultural After-School Adventures.

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