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CMA's recently-launched digital classroom offers an equalizing gateway that goes beyond our immediate physical location to create a worldwide community that crosses location, language, and income levels.

Distance learning provides CMA the opportunity to reach more families, serving more students nationally and internationally, and helping meet families where they are, no matter their physical location or finances. Please donate and help us bring the transformative power of art to all children and families!

Making art is more than just a pleasant activity — art can play a role in developing a child’s confidence, awareness, and expression. Young artists learn to value their individuality and the identity that they express through their art. Collaborative art projects encourage children to develop their language and social skills, conflict resolution, and their sense of community. And making art as a family increases parent-child bonds and provides parents a change from the standard role of disciplinarian. Your commitment to CMA is a commitment to joy!

The best way to ensure year-round access to arts education for children throughout New York City is to commit to monthly donations.

For more information about how you can help, please contact Kara Matthews at

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CMA Facts

CMA Facts

CMA serves 139,000 visitors each year in a wide variety of programs. Learn more about our audience and programs!

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$250,000 +
New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

$100,000 +
Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation

$50,000 +
Barbara Hunt McLanahan Memorial Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Horowitz Foundation for the Arts
Marissa & Shane McMahon
New York State Council on the Arts
Elizabeth Fearon Pepperman & Richard C. Pepperman II
Liselotte & Robin Vince

$25,000 +
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Mark Dehnert
Mindy Dehnert
Michael McLanahan
Jillian Neubauer
Lawrence Neubauer
Allison & Paul Russo
Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation
Cynthia Wainwright & Stephen Berger

$15,000 +
Anna & Dean Backer
Melinda & Tony Cheng
William Floyd & Jeremy Berman
Alexandra & Grant Frankel
Greenwich West
Louis Legacy Foundation
Robert Lehman Foundation
Sabrina & Michael Rudin

$10,000 +
Affirmation Arts
Maxine & Philip Armstrong
Con Edison
Rosemary & Michael Ryan
Alice & Ben Reiter
David Siegel
Taconic Investment Partners
Trinity Real Estate
Yvonne & Leslie Pollack Foundation

$5,000 +
Harriet Ames Charitable Trust
Hyde & Watson Foundation
I.J. Feldman Foundation
Jamestown LP
Lily Auchincloss Foundation
Manja Lyssy & Theodore Schiffman
May & Samuel Rudin Foundation
Milton & Sally Avery Arts Foundation
The Morrison & Foerster Foundation
Roswitha Mueller
Oxford Properties
Rockefeller Development Group
Catherine & Simon Watson
Linda White

$2,500 +
Nicole Bergen & Andrew Zuckerman
Hilary Blumberg & Alex Ginsberg
Megan & Larry Foley
Yolanda Colón-Greenberg & James Greenberg
Laurie Harris & Bill Brennan
Steven Holley
Jessica & Mark Kleinknecht
Elizabeth & Jonathan Lewison
Lilah Hilliard Fisher Foundation
Ron Perelman
Still Point Fund
Sekka Scher & Steven Williams
Anthony & Nanar Yoseloff

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